Afriland The Flying Bank in our Accounts

This blog aims to inform, denounce and sensitize public opinion on financial embezzlement within the banking institution Afriland First Bank in Cameroon .


The facts we report here are true and verifiable from the institution which was notified th launch of this digital campaign , if furtively amount to our account banking was restored as of 22/01/21 . What has not been done and therefore this campaign.

What is it about ?


  1. A trivial banking transaction

We are a Cameroonian company and receive from a client a payment of 1,000,000 FCFA (one Million) into our account on the date of 12/26/20.

We receive the scanned receipt of the payment (bank deposit) and confirm the positioning of said sum on our account by the online banking. Clearly we see that our account is indeed credited with an amount of one million. Therefore, n ou therefore proceed to the delivery of the customer. Until then a banal banking transaction, nothing fishy!


  1. The bank’s magic trick !

By late afternoon we we connect again on our online banking to the closing day of our accounts and there , turn m acted! The one million credited a few hours earlier have simply disappeared from our account. The bank entries have been completely erased from the account !


  1. Why does a bank decide to erase an entry in a customer’s account ?

After investigation the bank informs us that it has canceled the deposit because the customer would have returned with a letter (which you will find below) in which it is stipulated that the customer service would not have been rendered!

I let you discover the scandalous details of our exchanges below .

Details of the case :


  1.  Our request of 30.12.20 to the bank following the observation of erased writings

  1. The receipt of the deposit in our account

  1. Small correction on the filing date mentioned in the previous email

  1. very light response from the bank following the incident E- Mail of 12/30/20 )

  1. The famous customer cancellation request

  1. I’m hallucinating !

  1. Incongruity

  1. st repayment period ( E- Mail 04/01/2021)

  1. The whole team would be hard at work to solve this problem (answer of 04.01.2021)

  1. Escalation to the quality department as of 07.01.2021

  1. The quality department ignores us (relaunch of 14.01.2021)

  1. Quality service of questionable quality (response dated 14.01.2021)

  1. Why answer us anonymously ?

  1. We don’t want to deal with anything on the phone

  1. We have to repeat ourselves an nth time

  1. And now you know everything !

still wonder :

  1. Pou r what one agent has the power to clear a bank transaction on an account customer ?
  2. For what reason is it that a bank authorizes Does this operation a ” scrub ” to account ?
  3. Why has there been such a flaw in this bank for more than 2 years ?


So many questions , which we hope , will be answered . But in the meantime, really that this mediocrity and this connivance stops once and for all !


We just want to educate all those who to this day still have an account in this bank , perhaps also for patriotic reasons . Be vigilant !